Why Only One Chocolate?

The Singular Choice: Black Diamond Chocolate

In the sweet tapestry of our chocolate journey, we've indulged in countless creations, each a masterpiece in its own right. From truffles that melt in your mouth to toffees that tickle your taste buds, we've ventured into the realm of white chocolate orchids and more. But, you might be wondering, why have we distilled our offerings down to just one chocolate for the holiday season?

Allow us to shed some light on our decision, a choice rooted in a profound sense of self-awareness.

Our journey began in 1978, a tale woven with passion and creativity. Over the years, we expanded our repertoire, offering a delightful array of chocolates that enchanted chocolate lovers everywhere. Five years ago, we consolidated our selection to seven exquisite chocolates, presenting them in the elegant Explorer box alongside a chocolate bar. It was a dazzling collection, no doubt.

But, as we embarked on this chocolatier's odyssey, we discovered something remarkable. In the depths of our tasting sessions and amidst the joyful indulgence of countless chocolate connoisseurs, one chocolate consistently rose to the occasion. It was the Black Diamond.

Imagine the allure of Almonds, Marzipan, and Caramel, lovingly enveloped in the embrace of rich Belgian Dark Chocolate, with a sprinkle of Sea Salt to awaken the senses. The symphony of flavors, the harmonious balance, the sheer delight of every bite – the Black Diamond stood out, an epitome of perfection.

Now, you might think we're taking a step back, returning to the simplicity of a singular offering. But, dear chocolate enthusiasts, this decision is born of a profound realization. It's taken us over 45 years to truly understand ourselves, to scale the peaks of our craft, and to discover Black Diamonds at the pinnacle of our chocolate-making journey.

This Winter season, we invite you to join us in savoring the extraordinary. Embrace the simplicity of one exceptional chocolate, the Black Diamond, and embark on a sensory adventure that celebrates the culmination of our decades-long quest for chocolate perfection. Taste the essence of self-awareness, the apex of our artistry, and let the Black Diamond light up your festivities like never before.