The Irresistible Journey of Chocolate Mountain

Vail, Colorado 1978

 Nestled in the picturesque town of Vail, Colorado, a dream was born in 1978 - the dream of the Mannik family to create a business that would not only unite them but also spread the joy of premium chocolate to the world. From its humble beginnings as a brick-and-mortar store, Chocolate Mountain quickly blossomed into a cherished Vail institution.

Yet, life is an adventure, and the Mannik family's path led them to Orlando, Florida, where they made a bold decision to embrace the digital age and transform Chocolate Mountain into an online haven for chocolate lovers everywhere.

For 38 remarkable years, Anne Mannik, the heart and soul of Chocolate Mountain, shared her unwavering passion for chocolate with the nation. As she gracefully passed the torch to her daughter-in-law, Heather, and her son, Todd, a new chapter in the story began.

A Family Legacy Unfolds

Today, Chocolate Mountain stands proudly on the rolling hills of Roswell, Georgia, while remaining firmly rooted in its cherished family heritage. Heather and her daughter, Tori, now lead the way, guided by the unwavering support of Todd, the mastermind behind our seamless shipping, and Nik, our tech-savvy genius.


 The Quest for Perfection

At Chocolate Mountain, quality is our calling card. We are dedicated to crafting chocolates that are not only irresistible but also pure and sustainable. Our commitment to using all-natural Belgian chocolate and high-quality ingredients shines through in every delectable creation.

A Continuation of Tradition

With the same spirit that ignited our journey in the Colorado mountains over four decades ago, we continue to handcraft our chocolates with love and care in the heart of Roswell, Georgia. The legacy of Chocolate Mountain is not just a business; it's a family passion, a commitment to quality, and a celebration of pure chocolate magic.

Join us on this enchanting journey and let Chocolate Mountain transport your taste buds to a world of chocolate wonder. From our family to yours, welcome to Chocolate Mountain, where every bite is an adventure in flavor, and every moment is an invitation to savor the sweetest moments of life.