Our Story

Vail, Colorado 1978
The Chocolate Mountain Story
Chocolate Mountain was created in 1978 in Vail, Colorado. The Mannik family dreamed of a business that would bring their family closer together and allow them to bring quality chocolate to the world. Starting with brick and mortar, the family grew the business in Vail and soon became a Vail staple. After the family moved to Orlando, Florida, they decided to expand their business by turning Chocolate Mountain into an online shop.  
After 38 years of sharing her love of chocolate with the nation, the matriarch of the business, Anne Mannik, handed the business over to her son and daughter in-law. They are taking the business to new heights and transforming the way we think about chocolate.
Better Together, the motto for Chocolate Mountain, was thought up around a campfire in Georgia in January. Better together is our belief that chocolate is always better when enjoyed together with family, friends, wine, ice cream, coffee, and other daily life adventures.
Highest Quality 
Chocolate Mountain is always conscious of the chemicals in food and our desire to offer a pure, sweet product made from sustainable grown cocoa beans. We process our chocolate using all natural Belgian chocolate with high quality ingredients. All our chocolate is made in small batches with no chemicals, no preservatives and no artificial flavors. The result is chocolate that bursts with pure flavor

With the same spirit from our beginning in the mountains of Colorado over 40 years ago, our family proudly hand makes all of our chocolates today in Roswell, Georgia.